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How to Choose best Pillow to Improve Sleep ?

Usually how many hours of sleep do you get each night?

More than 40% of people they say did not get enough sleep or another 20% would say I cannot fall sleep. Misery of sleeping is on your back or on your side and try not to sleep on your stomach.

Your neck has a curvature that has to maintain during your lifetime and they call it lordosis of the neck usually people put too many pillows under their neck when they sleep and that Ruins the purpose of neck curvature and because of that in the morning you have headaches or not enough deep sleep also sleeping on your side is OK as long as when you look at yourself from the side you have to have a straight line from your nose to your belly button.

Do you have trouble to sleep? Choose the right pillow

Sleep Positions

So it makes your spine look straight also you have to have a pillow between your legs when you’re asleep on your side so your hip also stays in a straight and correct position.

So if you sleep on your back you have to have an old towel or cylindrical pillow supporting the curvature of your neck Not supporting the whole head.

When you bend your head forward for each 10° of bending you’re putting 6 pound of pressure on your neck so if you bend your neck 60° forward you’re putting 60 pounds of pressure on your neck and this is for the people that use cell phone constantly and that by itself also reduce the curvature of your neck.

So to sleep correctly you have to have your spine and your neck in a straight line either you stay on your side or on your back so I suggest you go to places that sell pillows and try to find the best one laden in the store on the bed and see which one is the proper one for you.

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